website is mainly a blog with the aim of giving free knowledge to all the people, we are working on certain topics related to the ComputerAndroid, software applications,programmingSEO and much more. This Blog aims to help the people who are struggling with the common technical things.
Here we will share our experiences and would help you in various ways as possible. We as a Blogger want people to be free in conversation and ask the most basic questions which they likely to know. We are here with the answers.

Our Experiences

We are not a genius nor a programming expert but actually, we have many different experiences (good and bad), which we will share with you. That would help you in a better way. As a blogger we too make mistakes, So actually we have a hard drive that is full with lots and lots of silly and crucial mistakes which ultimately lead us to the creation of this blog and help people in the best possible way.

Failure to success

This blog mainly focused on the software and applications part of  Computer and related help,programming, SEO and Android related help which we use in our daily life and got stuck in some manner, We will try to remove your hindrance in your way of learning. We will give you perfect lessons with Examples to help you learn more comfortably and easily.

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About the Author

Mehul Raj is the official Publisher (Author) of the blog way4study.Way4study.com. He lives in Aurangabad,Bihar, INDIA. He loves programming and gaming. His hobbies are watching movies, reading biography/books, Programming, and blogging. He learns everything online using the Internet (mainly from Google) and implements it in his Real life situations and shares his thoughts through this blog.

Our earning

We are very open minded, so let me tell you our profits. We are using Google Adsense ads as a revenue factor which is quite less now. But we are dealing with it, we want our users to stay focused on the information that we are posting. This website is a boon for all learners and developers.

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